Pathology Puzzles Project gives an opportunity to all the specialists to study interesting morphological cases. It is not only a good educational opportunity but also a chance to discuss the cases within the pathologists’ community. Every month three cases will be uploaded into the Digital Pathology system. Before uploading the cases minimum two specialists will validate them.

Case 31

2016-10-25_11-26-56The indurated area without clear boundaries, grayish-white colored, d= 1cm was found in the upper-outer quadrant of the left breast.    






Case 30

2016-10-25_11-22-59A woman, 1965 y. o. b.   

The tumor node in the lower-outer quadrant, with a fairly clear borders, 3,7×3,5×3 cm.

8 tissue lymph nodes were found: 0.5 – 15 cm in diameter  and also a conglomerate of two lymph nodes, 3,5x3x2 сm.    




Case 29

2016-10-25_11-05-54 A woman, 1951 y. o. b.

In 2012 – signet ring cell gastric cancer with metastases in the lymph nodes of the abdomen.

In 2014 – the serous solid- papillary adenocarcinoma of both ovaries structure with immunophenotype SK7 +, CA125 +, WT1 + (nuclear).

In 2015 – the metastasis of ovarian serous adenocarcinoma in hernial sac of anterior abdominal wall.

In 2016 –  tumor node in the central zone of the right breast, with fairly sharp edges, d=1mm.