Case 13

photo_2016-03-03_13-24-53The woman went to the doctor in connection with cosmetic defect – pigmented skin lesion of the posterior surface of the left leg. Bulging of pigmented lesions of the lateral surface of the distal third right tibia . Other no complaints. Deleted. More

Case 12

12Girl, 8 years. Anamnesis recorded nephroblastoma at age 1, adequate treatment provided. At age 6 a neoplasm at right femur was discovered and classified as fibrous dysplasia after biopsy. Today, the parents applied for med consultation following a minor right thigh injury. X-ray revealed neoplasm of the femur, curretage performed (details enclosed).


Case 11

11Girl, 1.5 months. Two weeks ago the parents noticed light muscle swelling of the right leg (lower part). They applied for pediatrician’s consultation. Examination result – cnemis neoplasia. Biopsy performed (volume unknown).


Case 10

10Boy, 15 years. For 6 months being disturbed by recurring pain around left knee joint followed a minor injury. A month ago the light muscle swelling in the same area followed. Examination revealed clear margined left cnemis neoplasm. Curretage performed. Material delivered for histological examination.


Case 9

9Female born in 1937. Clinical diagnosis: ovarian cancer? The patient underwent the hystero-oophorectomy and the omentum extirpation. Macroscopic picture: myometrium thickness is up to 5 cm. The myomatous nodule, 1 cm in diameter, was found in the mass. Endometrium is loose and thickened. The right ovary represents homogeneous nodular tumor mass of 10x10x6 cm in size, at cut surface the tumor is greyish with focuses of haemorrhage. Fallopian tube enlarged to 1 cm in diameter without visible indurations.

Case 8

8Male, 64 y.o. Blood serum PSA is 6,4 ng/ml. The patient underwent the radical prostatectomy. The diagnosis was made after the multifocal biopsy held under the control of ultrasound. According to the histopathology report it is a low grade adenocarcinoma. More

Case 7

7Female, 79 y.o. This year the patient underwent the biopsy of the soft tissues of the shoulder in another clinic. The diagnosis is skin appendage cancer. There are no slides from the clinic. The mass in the shoulder is totally excised. The size of the delivered skin flap is 18,5x13x12,5 cm. More

Case 6

Female 40 y.o. Complaints of weakness, dizziness, ecchymoses of lower extremities. 06.07.15 — tick bite. From 12.08.15 signs of renal bleeding, marked ecchymoses of lower extremities. Bruising, bleeding and the decrease in hemoglobin noted since 6 случайchildhood. In September takes high dose prednisolone for acquired hemorrhagic diathesis. At scintigraphy of the skull, thorax, shoulder girdle, spine and pelvis no preparation hyperfixation centers are seen except some minor accumulation of the radioisotope in the bones of the cranial vault. At CT in December 2015, a structurally homogeneous pathologic mutifocal lesion with blurry distinguishable contours affecting the whole left humerus (except for a small epiphyseal portion) is determined. The material was submitted to our laboratory for second opinion. The primary diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma on the background of the use of prednisolone. The material was sent for second opinion before starting the treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


Case 5

Female 32 y.o. Clinical diagnosis: Atypical hyperplasia of the endometrium. At the moment the patient was using hormone therapy by herself (using the intrauterine device “Mirena” for three month). Control hysteroscopy showed greyish and loose polypoid 5 случайgrowths of the endometrium. Histological slides from the initial curetage aren’t provided. The patient further underwent a separate diagnostic curettage. Macro: 1. endocervical curettage – scanty material consisting of blood clots and tiny greyish elements. 2. Generous amount of material consisting of blood clots and grayish polypoid fragments up to 0.6 cm in diameter.





Case 4

The patient was born in 1996. The tumor was removed from the area behind the right ear. The size of the mass was 6x5x3 cm. At 4 случайcut surface the tumor is whitish, soft and elastic with some hemorrhages.