A, Uterus, myomectomy: Leiomyoma with infarctive-type necrosis and degenerative changes.

  1. Left ovary, fallopian tube, excision: Serous tumor of low malignant potential (LMP)/Atypically proliferating serous tumor. Hydrosalpinx. Focal endometriotic implant.

All submitted slides were reviewed in conjunction with recut slides (x3) prepared from blocks B4 B9, B10 B11. More

Case 2

2Sections demonstrate a well-circumscribed mass involving the parenchyma of the right lobe of thyroid.

Capsule is thin and intact (no signs of invasion).

The tumor cells are arranged in follicular pattern and possess clear nuclei, some of which contain nuclear grooves and intranuclear pseudoinclusions.

Distribution of vesicular nuclei is uneven, with focal grouping. More