About Digital Pathology Solution

UNIM is a service that provides accurate, fast and remote oncological diagnostics. The service includes two main directions: UNIM Histology Service and Digital Pathology Technology.

The SAAS platform Digital Pathology unites all the specialized laboratories around the world and that is why it is considered the strategic work direction of the company. The technology gives an opportunity to hold collaborative work and consultations with the specialists from all over the world. The technology changes the quality and the efficiency of oncological diagnostics. It changes the whole pattern of healing cancer and gives an opportunity to the patients to get the answer from the leading specialists in no time no matter where they live or work.

How the system works:

1) The laboratory digitize and uploads the case (all the clinical data, the digitized slides with histological and ummunohistochemical stains, the CT, MRT, PAT-CT pictures)

2) The consultants can use all the instruments in the system like scale, instruments that allows to lave the marks and the commentaries, the instrument for turning the histological slide, the chat box for communicating with the specialists.

3) The system gives an opportunity to work with two digitized slides at the same time

4) The medical report is available in PDF format.