Case 9

9Female born in 1937. Clinical diagnosis: ovarian cancer? The patient underwent the hystero-oophorectomy and the omentum extirpation. Macroscopic picture: myometrium thickness is up to 5 cm. The myomatous nodule, 1 cm in diameter, was found in the mass. Endometrium is loose and thickened. The right ovary represents homogeneous nodular tumor mass of 10x10x6 cm in size, at cut surface the tumor is greyish with focuses of haemorrhage. Fallopian tube enlarged to 1 cm in diameter without visible indurations.
There are no palpable nodules in omentum. Histological examination revealed a tumor of the ovary. Also a complex endometrial hyperplasia without atypia was revealed. Node in the myometrium is a leiomyoma of typical structure. The slide with the ovarian tumor is available for a discussion.