Case 25

case 25Patient, 26 years old. Tumor of the tongue was revealed and resected. Neoplasia in the lung has been revealed 3 months ago. More

Case 24

case 24Patient 23 years old complaints on bloody issues from vagina. Diagnostic curettage has been done. More

Case 23

case 23Patient 19 years old with retroperitoneal tumor. Incision biopsy has been done.


Case 22

case 22The 21-year-old patient was initially forwarded to a cardiology unit due to dyspnea, tachycardia, fatigue and night fever. These symptoms had been triggered by recent tonsillitis, so the patient was suspected to suffer from septic endocarditis and therefore received intensive antibacterial therapy. Further examination by spiral computed tomography revealed abdominal lymphadenopathy, while no abnormalities were detected by esophagogastroscopy and colonoscopy. Diagnostic laparoscopic biopsy of an affected lymph node was subsequently performed. More

Case 21

212,5 y-o male, he had begun to ache when he was 1 y-o. MRI: a large intracranial tumour of the right hemisphere. The tumour was ablated. The child had been taking a special treatment. Now there is a recurrence with meningeal metastases in 1 year after the first surgegy. This material is from the second surgery.


Case 20

208 y-o female, during last 4 months she suffers from emesis, headache and ataxia. MRI: an intracerebellar solid-cystic tumour with signs of medulloblastoma.


Case 19

193 y-o female, she had complained of sudden emesis and twitching of the right hand. MRI: an intracerebral tumour of the left parietal-occipital area.


Case 18

case17A 7 y-o girl. The tumor was an incidental finding on ultrasound examination (ddx kidney or liver mass?). CT revealed a right adrenal mass. Grossly the tumor was incapsulated, 3.5х27х2.6 cm, and the cut surface was soft, grayish-pink.


Case 17

case18A 35 y-o woman. The lesion on the eyelid existed for a long time. No growth was noted.