Project rules

The Pathology Puzzles Project gives an opportunity to all the specialists to study interesting morphological cases. It is not only a good educational opportunity but also a chance to discuss the cases within the pathologists’ community. Every month three cases will be uploaded into the Digital Pathology system. Before uploading the cases minimum two specialists will validate them.

Every month you will be able to look at three cases. On the first week, there will be digitized histological slides and the clinical data. On the second week, there will be digitized slides with immunohistochemical stains that you will need to make a diagnosis. In addition, you will be able to discuss the cases within the professional community.

The idea of the project is that during the first week you will right down in the chat (on the right) all the ummunohistochemical stains that you think are necessary for making the diagnosis. During the second week, after you get the access to all the digitized slides with the ummunohistochemical stains, you will be able to make you suggestions on the diagnosis. You are able to discuss the case and all your ideas and opinions with the specialists’ community at all the stages.

It is not a competition; there is no credit system now. However, the most active participants will be rewarded in 2016.

The third round of the project is taking place right now. You can see all the cases in the folder “Shared”. They will be at your disposal, you can open them and look through them whenever you want.